Our Focus

Precise assessments, customized curriculum, tailored instruction, personalized feedback,and passionate teachers are the key components of all CORE programs.

We believe all children must have equal access to:

  • Knowledge
  • technology

We strive to bring all available resources to our community at:

  • affordable cost to all families
  • no cost to qualifying families

CORE programs focus on maximizing each student’s potential by teaching SKILLS over CONTENT.

Skills like:

  • English: Reading Fluency, Accuracy, Comprehension
  • English: Structured, effective Writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling
  • Critical Thinking, analyzing
  • Computing, keyboarding
  • Mathematics: Numbers, place value, operations, fractions, decimals, Problem Solving, Algebra readiness
  • Incremental transition from arithmetic to Algebra and beyond
  • Science: Scientific Method, research, reporting and presentation
  • History/Social Studies: Civic sense, maps and charts
  • Arabic Language: Classical, conversational, and writing skills
  • STEM: Building, engineering, and exploring
  • Character Education: personal, interpersonal, communication, ethical, moral, and leadership skills


CORE puts a particular emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects that are in high demand in the United States, and are universal, and thus easier for English Language Learners to master. It is our hope that by bringing students along early in these disciplines, their ability to support themselves and contribute to American society will be much easier.

Arabic Language

Since many refugees arrive from Middle Eastern countries and the American military and Department of Homeland Security has a need of individuals bilingual in both English and Arabic, CORE puts a particular emphasis on mastering the Arabic language to assist students to integrate into American culture and using these language skills in service to it.

Character Education

CORE values its students being able to make meaningful contributions to their new society, and believes this is only possible if they are of the utmost character. Therefore, CORE students are held both to academic progress and behaviors that make them functional and upright members of society.